Refurbished Fitness Products: Reebok Fusion Crosstrainer Review


If you are a faithful fitness buff, then you’ll have that desire to continue to keep your body trim and fit –and also exactly what better solution than developing a property fitness center. We all recognize that membership in a gymnasium or physical fitness club might be very pricey. If you are following a limited budget and so are looking for inexpensive physical fitness equipment to the home, then a crosstrainer is almost always a smart alternative. I want to present one into a prominent parcel of products that is able to assist you to reach your exercise goals: The Reebok Fusion Cross Trainer. And even in the event that you’re interested in fitness gear, then you can come across this convenient cross trainer specifically locations across the UK matériel de sport.

Overall Ranking: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Crucial Characteristics:

Has 8 aerodynamic pressure control levels
Comes with a big, sharp, battery powered display That Is very succinct and not overly cluttered with info
Has quiet, somewhat smooth performance
Really compact for Straightforward storage
H AS an electronic magnetic resistance system
Designed with Integrated wheels for easier transporting and Re-positioning

Around #399.00 (Normal Retail Price) Approximately #169.00 (Ranked Cost )

Product Description:

Overall, the Reebok Fusion cross-trainer looks like a smaller form of the successful, industrial-like cross trainers a person would like to see in a outstanding fitness center. However, it’s not anywhere near as high priced. This little bit of fitness gear is comparatively easy to place together-an infrequent facet for home fitness products. The building quality with this system is very notable having a sturdily developed framework which will keep the cross trainer out of excess rocking when being used. Bear in mind, but that cross trainer is assembled for sluggish motion as opposed to swift motion.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions Assembled: (H)153 x (W)60 x (D)109cm
Flywheel Weight: 5kg
Merchandise Weight: 42.4kg
Max Person Fat 110kg/17.3S T
Product Characteristics:

The Reebok Fusion crosstrainer has 16 user-friendly with 8 motorised strain control levels, the more levels you have the much more you can control your workout strength. It’s 4 user settings, 3 H.R.C., and 8 preset programmes. The kind of resistance is an electric magnetic resistance technique.

Console Display has a big lone window LCD. The console exhibits scantime, rate, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, excess fat, etc.. Pulse measurement is taken via hand grip pulse sensors.

Warranty Facts:

Re-furbished merchandise: Six Months parts and labor (domestic warranty just )


The Reebok Fusion cross-trainer is an extremely resourceful object of workout and conditioning equipment to anyone’s home fitness center. Together with its quietness, various programs, basic meeting, and performance, it might possibly be just the suitable choice for you-particularly in the event that you are looking for a little bit of refurbished fitness tools and you are trying to find a gradual steady exercise routine. I believe this system will an exemplary career for a residence fitness piece of gear. For those over a restricted spending budget, this streamlined, however powerful machine really is worth considering taking a serious look in. I whole heartedly recommend it.

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