Novels to Read – Watchers by Dean Koontz

For me fiction novels are purely entertainment, I do not read fiction from a literary perspective looking for word mastery. (That’s why I can never become a true critic). My otherwise logical brain is turned off and I’ve tuned into a different station. A station with one voice, I like to think of it as the authors voice even though I know it’s my perception of that voice I hear in my mind นิยายY .

Dean Koontz has a voice, a unique voice that wants to be heard, it resonates through the black and white giving color and diversity. Modest and dignified it leads us on a journey forever changing under way, ruthless and relentless, digging into the darkest and deepest corners of our minds, challenging our wits. It finds its way to our heart and soul, fills us with so much terror and fear that it pierces our bones. Childhood nightmares of grim demons and ferocious beasts come to life before our very eyes. But the voice also brings hope, hope for the future, hope for humankind, even though we (sometimes unknowingly) try so hard to destroy the things we love and cherish, there will always be someone out there prepared to challenge the demons hiding in the shadows.

Watchers by Dean Koontz

Hidden away in secret laboratories scientists working with recombinant DNA succeed in creating two different “weapons”, two mutants so different from anything ever seen before. They escape from the cages they were doomed to spend the rest of their lives in. One good one evil they are now out in the open.

An assassin with a sincere love for his craft and an ego to match is having the time of his life, he’s on a killing spree and scientists are on the top of his list.

A man, emotionally isolated from the world, afraid to love for the fear of loss.

A woman as timid as a mouse, keeps her head down and hides in her burrow, afraid to venture out into the real world.

An agent on a desperate mission to catch the runaways and hide the true facts from the public.

Their paths will cross and not one of them will ever be the same again.

This novel has definitely made it on to my list of favorite Dean Koontz novels. Even though it was first published in Great Britain in 1988 I never did get to read it before now. You may think that it’s old news and why bother reading a twenty-two year old novel.

Twenty two years is a long time, and I guess that some of the places described by Koontz have changed, the Santa Ana Mountains, Solvang in the Santa Ynez Valley, but it’s not about the surroundings, the streets or the houses they live in, it’s about people, the characters he created. Even though they are fictitious, they are still so believable. DNA research is still a topic that is highly debatable and the essence of the story (what I think is the essence) is never old.

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